Principal Investigator

Steve Almo
Steve is Steve.

Assistant Professors

Jeffrey Bonanno
Jeffrey Bonanno is an assistant professor.

Operations Directors

Scott Garforth
The MTDF is a world-class high-throughput eukaryotic protein production and purification facility. I implemented a pipeline for expression of mammalian proteins, the majority of which were secreted, glycosylated members of the immunoglobulin superfamily. The pipeline resulted in small scale expression screening of 3000 baculoviral constructs in two years, more than 1200 large scale (multi liter) production runs of insect cells, and 900 large scale purifications. The high-throughput nature of this expression pipeline necessitated a high degree of automation; I established protocols for baculovirus generation on a custom cell::explorer system, and wrote protocols automating mammalian and general cell culture procedures. We have successfully purified hundreds of milligrams of high-quality, endotoxin-free protein, for pre-clinical testing. The expertise of the Almo lab in structural determination and immunology, in conjunction with our protein production and purification abilities, is applied to a range of exciting projects within the group. These projects range from the development of an epitope specific immunomodulation platform, a potential biotherapeutic, to platforms for screening ligand-receptor interactions.


Sarah Garret
Sarah likes troubleshooting the Aria, ignoring Natalia, and validating new protein-protein interactions.
Alev Celikgil
Alev the resident M.D. of the Almo lab. People come to her with all of their medical needs.
Mayami Sengupta
Mayami is an associate in the Almo Lab and the MTDF. She likes to help Scott purify proteins and complain about eating almond milk yogurt.
Tyler Grove
Tyler Grove is an Associate.
Agni Ghosh
Agni is an associate
Rob Townley
My research interests include understanding the formation and function of the immune system. I am developing technology to discover new types of immune cells based on glycosaminoglycan profiling. This technology will allow the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Post Docs

Kumar Duddempudi
Kumar likes curing mice of cancer, and he's the most likely person to be in the lab at 3 a.m. on a Saturday.
Elena Talarico
Elena is an expert in making Syntacs!


Anthony Gizzi
Anthony is a Student
Nick Morano
Nick is a famed 2nd place fantasy football winner. He won every playoff game except the last one, which he lost to Steve Olson, his best friend (and creator of this site).
Natalia Herrera
Natalia likes to add sodium hydroxide to proteins, collect love letters, and pretend to be an immunologist.
Stad Ziegler
Stad likes to drink alcohol and pretend to be able to drink as much as Scott.

Lab Techs

Carla Smith
Carla is a Lab tech
Esther Njoroge
Esther is a lab tech